from 1898

In Vesime

The artisan pastry shop "Da Giusepein" has its roots in the historic centre of a small village in the "Langa Astigiana".

In the only square, with church, cobblestones and rest area, Fabrizio Giamello hands down the tradition of sweet Langhe recipes based on “Tonda Gentile”.

something about the history

The origins

Art of baking, 1990


From a family of bakers he learned the art of baking out of passion and then he decided to direct his own culture at Baking and Confectionery in Turin. After a long apprenticeship, he lands in a pastry shop in western Liguria where he puts his studies into practice by stealing experience.

Grinding Machine, 1850


In 1999, upon returning home, he renews the historic “Da Giusepein” pastry shop, with secular legacies in poor art, dusty recipes, black and white photographs and a scent halfway between flour and semi-finished products.


Passion that starts not only from Fabrizio’s experiences but also from past nights in a pastry shop, where the dosage was years and years of attempts, coercions and reproaches to grant a final magnification to the customer.

In summary


"La Dolce Langa" pastry shop has removed, preserving. He tried to renew keeping intact that one founding principle all requests for dessert: hazel, hazelnut and even hazelnut.

Fabrizio has always sourced from farmers and processors in Cravanzana, which is further away from Cortemilia, albeit a few kilometers away, as a clear sign of a different project.

Because even on the hazelnut something had to be done. The hazelnut cake, a local pride, has interpreted it not shunning wheat to combine with hazelnut flour, dampening that fat on fat (butter and hazelnut oil), where the taste buds are frustrated and whipped.

But its real retro-innovation is the Bacio di Langa, a patented invention that recalls a lady’s kiss, with a gianduia cream inside and an enviable crumbliness of the biscuit.