Bacio di Langa®

Pastry chef

Fabrizio Giamello developed the "Bacio di Langa" based on one important ancient recipe.

In 2002

The conception

After more than 20 years we are proud to see that we have produced something that goes beyond simple sweets, developing passion that gives rise to emotions.

We have followed an ancient recipe from the historic “Da Giusepein” pastry shop in Vesime, reworking it with ingredients and quantities that still today remain a secret that passes only through the hands of our family generations.

We offer different product scales with this particular recipe in order to be able to meet any type of need, small or large. Whether it’s as small as a double-wrapped amaretto or in a cake format, in its size and variety, the Bacio di Langa remains a unique product capable of igniting souls.

  • Hazelnut cakes of “Bacio di Langa”
  • “Bacio di Langa” classic, hazelnut and chocolate paste, 2003
  • “Bacio di Langa” al Caffè dedicated to my daughter Angelica, 2012
  • “Bacio di Langa” al Cacao, 2013, is dedicated to my daughter Beatrice

"Bacio di Langa" was designed to be eaten in one bite only. A treat made up of pastry and chocolate.


Hazelnut, cocoa or coffee.


“Bacio di Langa” Ø 4cm – 20g
250g box
Number of products: 10

"Bacio di Langa" cake is made up of a layer of chocolate enclosed by two layers of hazelnut shortbread.


Hazelnut and chocolate.


Single portion from 60g Cake from Ø 16cm – 300g Cake from Ø 18cm – 350g Cake from Ø 20cm – 450g Gift box from 350g Gift box from da 450g
* “Bacio di Langa” is a registered trademark and its recipe is a professional secret that has been handed down from generation to generation.