General informations


1. How do I make a request for a product from the site?

By visiting the products in our online catalog it’s possible to make a purchase request by indicating your email to receive the dedicated offer.

2. Is there a minimum fee for online order requests?

Yes. To request an order, it is welcome to reach a minimum amount of €20 and reaching a total cost of €50 we guarantee free shipping throughout Italy.

3. How do I know where my order request is?

Don’t worry. We are always here to process orders with extreme passion. Don’t worry. We are always here to process orders with extreme passion. Instead, if more than a week has passed, and you think that the order has been lost, or forgotten by us, send an email reminder to to check the status of your order. 

We remind you to indicate in the email also your name and surname and date of order confirmation.

4. When will I receive the requested products?

As already stated several times on the site, all our staff work assiduously to process orders that reach us every day. We guarantee prompt receipt within seven working days of your order.

ⓘ We are currently handling more than average daily orders, please be patient 1/2 days longer than the guaranteed average.

5. How do I cancel an order request?

If you have placed an order today, you can cancel your order without penalty. In case your order is already in production unfortunately it will not be possible to cancel it because we pack the goods at the moment to ensure
the maximum quality freshness to the customer. In case the order has not entered in production there will be no problem to cancel it without additional costs.

6. How do I know if you deliver to my city?

We deliver everywhere in Italy at a minimum cost of €5.00. Considering the latest changes of the logistic platforms linked to the increase of the fuel we indicate that the the shipping price could support increases for particular Italian zones

7. What delivery service is available in other countries?

We also deliver outside the Italian nation, so the delivery service is evaluated for each specific order as it varies depending on the country and continent to which you are referring. 

ⓘ To you who made the order, we ask you to be always present during the reception of the product by the shipper, all, in order to check the integrity of the product delivered.

8. What happens if I am not at home during delivery?

According to each freight forwarder will be postponed one or two attempts to return with notice. Being a dry product, but still expiring, the sender may decide not to store the pack but to return it to the sender. In case of return of the merchandise in store, the shipping costs will be invoiced to you.

9. Is it possible to request an order and pick up the products from the store?

Yes. You can make an order request by e-mail or by phone to the references you find on our official site In the request, we ask you to always indicate the name of the product, the change of taste, the packaging and any other special requests to be made on the product; after that you can come to visit us in the store collecting the packages with the goods ordered.

10. Are there any delivery facilities?

For persons with a certified disability, home delivery, after documentary verification, may be made free of charge to the residential address. Email us or call us, we are here to support you.

11. Is it possible to pay on your website?

Currently no. We are certified sellers on eFruit, visited on, always ensuring our products in stock on that platform, on which you can buy directly. If there are no products on the eFruit shop in relation to our online catalog, it is because we produce them and there is still no availability.

12. I received my order, where do I find the payment receipt?

We have requested your tax data in order to be able to issue the receipt for private, registering it in our tax drawer. You can also find the payment receipt inside the package. 

13. I need the invoice. How can I receive it?

If you are a company and need an electronic invoice we ask you to provide us with all the legal data of your company including:

  • Contact name/surname
  • Corporate name
  • Registered office address
  • VAT number
  • Unique code or Pec

In addition, we need a valid phone number to be able to contact you in case of invoice issues.

14. How can I deal with missing or damaged products?

We regret that this has happened. If you have found something missing inside the box please let us know promptly with photographic documentation. If the package was in a state of damage at the time of delivery by the courier avoids collecting the package immediately reporting to us and the courier your willingness not to collect the goods due to visible damage. We will immediately find the right means to meet your request/discomfort.

15. I have to make a gift. Can I execute an order request on behalf of another person?

Absolutely yes. By means of emails and telephone contacts searchable on our online platform you can make direct contact with our offices in order to organize a package dedicated to a third person. If you need to receive changes to the sweet products provided by us (for events or similar) please visit “special requests” to show us better your will.

16. I’m interested in buying large quantities for my company, how should I do?

If you have decided that our sweet products are valid as corporate gifts we thank you and ask you to support us by filling out a request by email at least 15 days before your order. Consider instead that for quantities over 500 pieces we require to be notified up to a month before.

17. I would resell your products, how should I do?

We own a national network of agents who expose the quality of our sweet creations, supporting the owners of premises who decided to embark on this adventure with us. So if you are a local business owner and want to resell our bakery products we are ready to consider a collaboration with you. Write an email to to make an appointment with one of our agents.

18. I’d like to work for your bakery, where do I send my CV?

We are always ready to accept new sparkling people who want to make this world sweeter. Visit the page Careers for any open positions.